Investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer essay

The energy stored in a seed is measured in joules 1 Joule is 2. Consequently, the pushed-out magnetic field lines become bunched up outside the fireball, which means that the magnetic field intensity increases the magnetic field intensity can be defined by the concentration of the magnetic field lines in space.

The STARFISH detonation had generated large quantities of electrons that were trapped in the earth's magnetic field; the trapped electrons were damaging the solar cells that generated the power in the panels.

Determine the number of windings of the input and output sides of the transformer. These extremely low frequencies, unlike the high frequencies, can penetrate substantial depths underground, where they can induce substantial electric currents in very long over km long buried cables. This creates an alternating magnetic field in the primary coil, resulting in the magnetic field lines changing direction more frequently.

Perhaps it is necessary to be more specific.

Investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer.

However no gap could be construed as meaning that there was an overlap between the two coils. Those particles directed downwards are deposited in patches at altitudes depending on their mean free paths.

Many modern nuclear warheads with thin cases would produce weaker EMP, because of pre-ionisation of the atmosphere by x-rays released by the primary fission stage before the major gamma emission from the fission final stage of the weapon.

Therefore not as many magnetic field lines are cut by the turns on the secondary coil in a given time, and consequently a smaller voltage is induced.

To Investigate How Increasing The Voltage Can Affect The Flow Of Current Essay Sample

Detonations at thousands of kilometres altitude are contained purely magnetically. For a fission weapon, about 3. If the United States was already out of power and it suddenly needed a few hundred new transformers because of burnout, you could understand why we found not that it would take a year or two to recover, it might take decades, because you burn down the national plant, you have no way of fixing it and really no way of reconstituting it other than waiting for slow-moving foreign manufacturers to very slowly reconstitute an entire continent's worth of burned down power plant.

The detonation point was around 32 km south-south-west of Johnston Island, as well as being km up. Patch depositions are again aligned with the field lines.

More about this, see Dr Michael Bernardin's testimony to the U. I should like to repeat the experiment taking readings at intervals of 0. The original American data on the Russian tests was relatively inaccurate since it was based on long-range EMP, air pressure wave, and trapped radiation belt measurements, but it has all recently been declassified by the CIA and is given in the CIA National Intelligence Estimate, July 2,on pages Presumably there is a typing error and the C was at degrees 7 minutes West, not degrees 7 minutes.

At 95 years after burst, the remaining electrons will be 2, km above the magnetic equator, the latitude range will be only plus or minus 10 degrees from the equator, and the shell will only be 50 km thick. Furthermore the ranges, in which replicates from the same nominal voltage lie, are very small.

The first EMP signal comes from the prompt gamma rays of fission and gamma rays released within the bomb due to the inelastic scatter of neutrons with the atoms of the weapon. The bomb released MeV of prompt gamma rays 0.

See pages 33 and 36 of Louis W. It was first observed both directly and by its effects on civilian systems during the exoatmospheric nuclear test series we had conducted, primarily the Fishbowl series [tests Starfish, Checkmate, Bluegill, Kingfish] in the beginning of the s.

These frequencies can still be attenuated by severe ionisation from a space burst, but the duration of disruption will be dramatically reduced to seconds or minutes. The diameter of the expanding shell is approximately 2 km at microseconds Full calculations of EMP as a function of burst altitude are also online in pages 33 and 36 of Louis W.

This too is a source of energy loss. Interestingly, though, like many important scientific discoveries, the intense electromagnetic pulse produced by the exoatmospheric nuclear weapon explosion was discovered by accident. Hence, the debris is displaced towards the nearest magnetic pole.

The problems I found are outlined below, along with possible solutions I might employ in future extension work. Hence, Starfish Prime actually detonated slightly further away from Hawaii than the launch pad, instead of much closer to Hawaii.

However, the theory that was being used at the time to predict the effect had been incorrectly derived by a Nobel laureate [Bethe] actually and caused all of the instrumentation on monitoring those exoatmospheric tests to be set at far too low a scale, far too sensitive a level, so that the data on the scope tended to look like vertical lines.

Therefore they contain delocalised electrons, which are free to move and collide with atoms, generating heat. Transformers can be used to increase voltage, and thereby reduce current, for long distance transmission, or they can decrease voltage and increase current.

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The failure was caused by stray magnetic flux impinging on the transformer core. The term energy drink was created by companies in the beverage industry and is not recognized by the United State Food That was at the very height of the Cold War and the test was detected by America: The report also shows why all the other EMP measurements failed to measure the peak field: This was caused by the rotation of domains in the iron core.

The earth's magnetic field also played an immediate role in introducing asymmetric fireball expansion as seen from Maui:. comments to Fuel Loads Not Climate Change Are Making Bushfires More Severe # Ken Stewart.

Investigating a Factor Affecting The Voltage Output Of a Transformer Essay Sample

October 23, at pm It is a basic physical priciple that in a fir event the total thermal output is directly related to the total amount of fuel consumed. and a transformer, mounted on a platform supported by four concrete poles.

mining was done to investigate the cause of failures. Even the smallest fault results in the wrong power output [6]. The PN number is usually between 28 to Some fault and causes are.

A. insulation in the transformer and affecting the windings. B. Over a month period, the transformer requirements for voltage regulators mean iswith a standard deviation ofand range of A-CAT required a minimum of transformers and a. My objective in this experiment is to investigate one of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of wire.

The factor I chose was length. Factors: There our four different things that affect the resistance of a wire: 1. Line voltage- the input to the rectifier is a.c line voltage which decides the level of output douglasishere.comore any change in line voltage changes load voltage and affects performance of power Temperature- in power supply, the rectifier circuit uses the pn junction diodes.

INVESTIGATION ON TRANSIENT PERFORMANCE OF CAPACITOR VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER • Series Burden of VA At Power Factor = CVT Output Voltage Response to Ferroresonance Test.

Investigating a factor affecting the voltage output of a transformer essay
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Investigating a Factor Affecting The Voltage Output Of a Transformer | Essay Example