Philippines the social networking capital of

Why quitting is necessary for success. People tend to hate you for not taking the same path as them. We could say that they are the social networking capital of the world. This is my personal blog where I share my thoughts on social media, productivity, digital empowerment, and the internet.

Is The Philippines The Gadget Capital of the World?

The Philippines could very well be the Gadget Capital of the World as well. She posted a message on the site's bulletin board addressing her fans that she contemplated deleting her account. January 31, Last year, I put together the social media stats in the Philippines for Here are some of the topics their programs tackle: Average daily use of the internet via a mobile device and average television viewing time remains the same.

Always remember to be picky whom you are spending your time with. Despite suffering the worst natural disasters ever recorded, GDP growth rates continue to be in its favor.

You can see their own numbers for the campaign below. The site had received considerable criticism due to this issue. But that might be years to come yet. Therefore, the digital lifestyle is not simply defined by types of apps they download or the sites they visit but the intent.

You need to give value to your prospects as much as you can. In everything you do, it takes a lot of optimistic thinking to be successful.


Some notable information that we can gather from this report are the following: Global averages at 4. You can even make an automated way to do prospecting. However, this does not mean that they use the least amount of data or spend the least amount of time online. A Digital Lifestyle Capital in the Making.

Here are the global numbers in comparison: Filipinos are big believers that technology helps us to communicate better and it is obvious from the rate of adoption that everyone from young kids to grandparents is finding technology easier to use," shares Mae Moreno, Windows Client Product Manager of Microsoft Philippines.

What would you expect. Which data above caught your interest. This has been reported by other research firms, which also coincide with the increased Internet usage in the country.

That may be true with the 2. Its pervasiveness across social networks even in Facebook and Twitter means marketers can get creative and use selfies for engaging campaigns.

The Philippines, specifically has over Social media includes growing use of social apps. Local police in Cebu City were able to track down the suspects for the robbery and murder of a female nursing student on March I consent to FleireCastro. We are living in a country where a lot of people love to procrastinate.

The police printed the pictures of the suspects and launched a series of police operations, which led to their arrest. Have a friend you trust to talk to. Help them solve what is keeping them from buying from you or joining the opportunity you are presenting to them.

When someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.

Even your parents will be against your decisions which is one of the hardest to resist. · The appeal of social networking is pretty universal, but there can be some interesting cultural wrinkles among countries, too. For instance another something office worker in Jakarta, Luna (real name withheld), created her first profile so that she could network with her nightlife Sep 15,  · Did you know that the Philippines has been tagged as “The Social Networking Capital of the World”?

A study released by Universal McCann entitled “Power ToThe People – Wave3” proved that the Filipinos are the most active social media users.

The study showed that 83% of Filipinos are members of various social networks. Browse Groups, Social Capital and Social Media content selected by the Social Media Informer  · Social capital is a new term that is gaining some attention.

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It is a term that builds on its more popular (and recent) cousin of “social selling” that claims that sales and business are /30/social-capital-is-path-to-social-selling. · Following that, as social media rolled around, the Philippines was then anointed as the social networking capital of the world, with over 90% of Filipinos supposedly involved in one form of social /13/manila-selfiest-city-most-selfies.

· Social capital is, in fact, very similar to its monetary sibling. It, too, is accumulated by an individual or a business and used, or is available for use, in the production of

Philippines the social networking capital of
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